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 Where it stands today:
 Original engine intact and in very good condition
 Original chassis plates intact and in very good condition

Following are also available:
 All 4 original wheel cups
 All badges on bonnet, trunk, fenders
 All glass windows and door latches
 The dashboard is intact.

Will need:
 Steering badge
 Speedo meter

What future lies ahead:
 Hard top
 Air-condition - Temperature control
 The most excellent stereo system   :-)
 Going overboard with an overhead TV/DVD player  :P~

 Some salient points:
 Anti-rust (ship-grade)
 Perfect (shining and buffed) engine
 Multi-coated baked painting
 To bring it up to speed our conservative estimate is:
 Possession of car                                     Rs 22,000
 Engine                                                    Rs 10 - 15,000
 Suspension                                             Rs 5,000
 Wiring & electronics                                Rs 5,000
 Tires                                                     Rs 10,000
 Upholstery                                             Rs 5,000
 De-rusting, denting & painting                 Rs 35,000
 Registration & road tax                           Rs 10,000
 Chrome etc                                           Rs 5,000
 Door rubbers, carpeting etc                    Rs 5,000
 Estimated Total                                     Rs 117,000

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